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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday at Our House

Alleluia, the Lord is risen! What a wonderful day it was yesterday. Not just because it was Easter. It was also a family gathering to celebrate a birthday.

Awhile back my wife Laura decided she wanted to have the family over for Easter. We usually go to my mom’s house for Easter, but Laura wanted people to come here. I don’t have an issue with anyone coming over. I just know that our house is not really suitable for entertaining. Not that it’s a filthy pigsty. That’s just what I say to the kids to try and get them to clean up after themselves. After all, if I have to endure a household that is less clean than I'm accustomed to, then they can endure my bitching about its condition.

Our house is also not very big, so when you get about 12 or more people in it – including us, it starts getting closer to crowded and further from cozy. Anyway, Laura invited everyone over, and at some point early on it was decided to celebrate my sister Donna’s birthday. My mom volunteered to bring the ham and the pies. (Donna wanted a certain kind of pie instead of a birthday cake). Here's a picture of her blowing out the candles.

My other sister Denise volunteered to bring the salad. Laura was going to cook a string bean casserole. As the date got closer, my aunt and uncle were invited and my aunt volunteered to bring potatoes. The day before Easter, Laura’s grandmother (our next-door neighbor) brought over a freshly baked pineapple upside down cake. Finally my grandmother wanted to buy the dinner roles. Now the food is covered.

Laura did lots of shopping the day before Easter. Laura does a lot of shopping anyway, but this time for Easter Sunday. And after working our asses off cleaning all day Saturday, and I can’t forget acknowledging Laura’s and the kid’s extra cleaning efforts on Thursday night, we were nearly ready for guests. Sunday morning started off as it usually does for me by attending mass. Sometimes with everyone, but this time just me. Then home for last minute cleaning and shopping.

Finally it was time to start the celebration. Laura’s parents (Tina and Ed) arrived first, followed by my mom and grandma (Norma and Ofelia), and my great-aunt (Grace). My aunt Grace and my grandma are pictured together here.

The others who followed in no particular order other than how they popped into my memory: my aunt and uncle (Dolores and Gilbert), and my cousin (Michael), my sister and my brother-in-law and their two kids (Denise, Dan, Christine, and Jacob), my sister the birthday girl and my brother-in-law and their son (Donna, Louis, and Timothy), and finally Laura’s grand-parents (Bertha and Gil). When you include the four of us (Danny, Laura, Brady, and Nina), that’s 21 people! Bertha and Gil are pictured here, and yes, that's their dog Mimi pictured in Gil's sweatshirt.

We had a great Easter egg hunt for the kids (the start of which is pictured above). The kids also played cards and the adults had lots of laughs playing Canoga (a dice game). We had a great time and a lot of fun. Good food, good family, and good conversation. Thank you God for giving us such a great day.


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