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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Summer Vacation - San Diego (part 2)

Continuing my Summer Vacation series of posts - here's part two of our family trip to the San Diego area in early July. I'm still sharing our SeaWorld visit on Saturday of that weekend. One of the many enjoyable shows we saw at SeaWorld didn't have any sea animals at all. It did have several human animals, they were all in costume, and none of them spoke. This show was called Cirq de la Mer. There was a segment where several of the performers climed poles and hung on high above the ground / water as they did various tricks. It was amazing. We shot video of it as well, but I'm not even going to try and figure out how to load that on this blob. Here's a still shot:

Here's Brady and Nina with the colorful Cirq de la Mer stage in the background:

It was a humid day, and the temperature jumped up when the clouds burned off. As we waited in the heat for the Cirq show to start, I took this picture of Laura with Nina and Brady:

Brady and Nina wanted to play in the area for kids where there was a huge jungle gym. They were able to climb and slide and jump. Here's Nina inside one of the large jumpers for the smaller kids:

And here's Brady with a big prize he won at the arcade. This thing was too big to carry around with us, so I took it out to the car.

Next it was time for lunch. On my first post about SeaWorld I talked about Dining with Shamu. These next two pictures were taken at our table while we waited for Shamu to join us for lunch.

The animals need lunch too you know. Well, they do swim a lot after all. Here's Nina feeding a sardine to a dolphin:

And finally, here's our stadium view of the pool where the Dolphin Discovery show was held. As you can clearly tell by my award-wining photography, I timed it so the dolphin was at the top of the pole grabbing a fish. Oh, did that not come out. Oh well, you get the idea.

It's on to Legoland now!


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