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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Vacation - Fourth of July Celebration

I've always enjoyed the Fourth of July. Always - even way back when I was a kid and every city allowed fireworks (the safe and sane kind). Now I can't even share the same fun I had with my kids because the city we live in doesn't allow any fireworks. Neither does the city where I lived as a child. At least I can have a BBQ, swim in the pool, and get paid to stay home. So here is our one day vacation to celebrate Independence Day.

Brady spent most of the day at his friend's house doing the same thing we did at our house. That didn't stop him from going in our pool first with Nina:

And here's Nina and Laura before Nina goes back in the pool:

And here's Nina in the pool. Just last summer she was not able to touch the bottom of the pool. She's growing up fast!

Our favorite neighbors came over to join us. You've met them before - Bertha and Gil, Laura's grandparents:

This is my attempt at trying to capture the theme of the day. Laura loves to decorate "in theme" with whatever we are celebrating. Not pictured are the dishes, tablecloth, napkins, and tabletop decorations with the Fourth of July theme. Pictured is a planter in our backyard in desperate need of vegetation, but with cute little red, white, and blue decorations; decorative lamps that burn insect repellant; and my Chimenea. The backdrop is our hedge, which you can see in every picture of this post. The hedge ribbons around the entire backyard; is about 150 feet in length, 12 feet high at its highest point (under which is an arch-way leading to another part of the backyard), 4 feet high at its lowest point, 3 to 4 feet deep at its thickest point, and a pain in the ass to trim. Please enjoy.


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