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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Yesterday we celebrated my grandmother’s 95th birthday! Can you believe it? 95 years old! By the way, her name is Ofelia, and she is commonly referred to as Nana. This is not the name my sisters and I called her from our childhood. That name was Mama Grandma, and there's a story that goes with that, but for another post some other time. Nana is the name my cousins called her from their childhood, and it also became the name all of Ofelia's great-grandkids call her.

Pictured above with my grandma are her daughters, Norma (my mom, on the right), and Dolores (my aunt, on the left). Pictured below with my grandma are five of her six grandchildren (my sister Diana lives out of state and was not present).

This family gathering was at my aunt’s house near Lake Elsinore. Many of the same family members were present who were at our house for Easter: My grandmother, my mom, and my aunt Grace; my aunt Dolores and my uncle Gilbert; my cousin Michelle and her three children – Kyle, Johnny, and Jena (Michelle’s husband Steve had to work); my cousin Michael; my sisters, their spouses and their children – Denise and Dan with Christine and Jacob; Donna and Louis with Timothy; my uncle Andy and his lady friend Eva; and finally us – Danny and Laura with Brady and Nina. Breathe.

Pictured above with my grandma are eight of her eleven great-grandchildren (Michael's daughter lives out of state, as well as Diana's two). We had a great time: good company, good food, and good conversation. The little kids played outside, the boys played video games, and the adults played Canoga. There were several good photo opp’s, and as soon as I scan my pic’s I will add them to this post. So until next time, bye.


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