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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer Vacation - Tina and Ed's (part 2)

Okay, lets move to the outside of Tina and Ed's house for our Father's Day celebration. Tina and Ed live on the side of a hill on the outskirts of Lucerne Valley. As we drive east on Highway 18 leaving Apple Valley heading towards Lucerne, we look up to the hillside to try and spot their house. It's getting easier each time. As we turn off the highway onto their street and drive up from the bottom of the hill, we get a better idea of just how big this hill is. Tina and Ed's house is maybe 2/3's the way up.

Looking south from the back of their house, which points further up the hill, you can see the mountains behind them. On the other side of these mountains (and a few miles further south) is Big Bear. In this first picture, which is looking southeast, you can see a mine. I think they are removing granite or sandstone or some type of rock.

In this second picture, which is due south, you can see how steep the hill is behind their house. Tina and Ed have seen all kinds of wildlife just beyond their fence - coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, and birds of all sorts.

In this third picture, which is looking northeast, you can see some of the houses and ranches just west of Lucerne Valley proper. You can also see a dry lake. After a heavy rainfall this dry lake fills up part way with rainwater runoff.

I've saved this picture for last because it's my favorite. This view is looking due north, and shows the ranch sign spanning the driveway. This is pretty much the view Tina and Ed see looking out of their kitchen window.

So there you have it, a day at Tina and Ed's house to celebrate Father's Day with Laura's dad. I really love the desert, but for me it's a nice place to visit. I wouldn't want to live there. Too much wind (my least favorite element), and the temperature extremes are more severe than I care for.


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