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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer Vacation - Tina and Ed's (part 1)

Continuing my series of mini vacations, weekend activities, and family commitments, the next stop is in the desert. One of our Father's Day celebrations took us to Laura's mom and dad's house in Lucerne Valley. Here is Laura pictured with her dad, Ed. Happy Father's Day, Ed:

Ed and Tina have the coolest aquarium. It is a saltwater variety and it's full of colorful coral and brilliantly vivid fish. I'm sure you all have heard of Nemo the orange and white clown fish. Well, here are his cousins (trying their best to hide from my camera), a pair of black and white Percala Clown's:

And here is a beautiful blue Jaw fish:

Ed and Tina also have a great big loveable dog named Nala. Nala is just over a year old, and is just a little too rambunctious to be inside. She stays outside, which kind of bums her out. Here she is looking in at me:

Tina loves to play Canoga, a dice game she learned earlier this year during our family Easter celebration. To help her with her addiction to the fun that this game brings, I agreed to loan her my Canoga game. It is pictured here along with Tina and Nina:

I've broken this post up into two parts because I have a few pictures of the various views Ed and Tina have from their hillside house. Those exterior shots are next.


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