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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Not a Tom Cruise Fan

Let me start off by emphasizing that I am not a Tom Cruise fan, although I have enjoyed some of the movies in which he has starred. This morning I heard on my favorite morning radio program an interview with someone (Harvey?) from tmz.com. I didn’t catch where the source of the information came from, but this person reported that Mr. Cruise has established some rules regarding his newborn daughter, Suri.

One of these rules was to have Suri riding a motorcycle by age two. This is what shifted my attention away from safely driving to work. Establishing a rule, or more realistically, setting a goal for a child to be able to ride a motorcycle by age two – how cool is that? I think I agree with Mr. Cruise on this one!

As you can tell by my blog, I’m an off-road enthusiast. I’m in a club that involves motorcycle riding. We have several members with young kids, some of whom are learning to ride motorcycles and quads. Now 2 years of age sounds a little young to me, but I’ve personally seen a 4-year-old on a motorcycle with training wheels!

So I say start the kids young and teach them well, particularly about safety. Even if it’s not motorcycles – just go out and have fun with them.


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