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Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer Vacation - San Diego (part 4)

Okay, I promise this is the last set of pictures from our weekend vacation to the San Diego area. These are from day 2 (Sunday) when we visited Legoland. As I mentioned earlier Nina was so scared from the water ride Atlantis at SeaWorld the day before, she didn't want to go on any rides at Legoland - well hardly. Here she is following Brady as they drove little cars around. The creative folks at Legoland made a mini city with streets, yellow lines, stop signs, and signals. None of the kids paid attention to any of that - they mostly drove wherever they wanted:

As you can see by my award-wining photography, I almost caught the fence post in the foreground directly in front of Nina's head. Actually, the shutter didn't open when I was pressing down on the button - well before that post was in the frame.

This ride was on an elevated track. People sat in cars and peddled them to make them go faster. If you didn't peddle you still moved along the track, but at a slightly slower pace. After waiting in line for 45 minutes for a ride that lasted about 4.5 minutes - Laura and I were not about to peddle and make that car go any faster. We caught this picture of Nina being brave and going hands-free as her and Brady's car descended a ramp.

A poplar place was the water park. This ride seeks "pirates" to shoot other "pirates" with water guns. What the people on the ride didn't realize until the last second is that spectators on dry land can shoot the "pirates" while they're still on board. Here's a picture of our sitting ducks under fire. (Brady's water gun is blocking Nina's face, but you can see Nina's wet hair bow).

Back to the roller coaster rides that Nina wouldn't go on. This one was called Coastersaurs, and was in the part of the park where everything was dinosuar-themed. This ride was so cool, I swear if I ever win the lottery I'm going to have this roller coaster replicated in my backyard - well not where I live now. This coaster was short in both length and height, and mild in speed. There was virtually no line to wait in either. Laura and Brady are in this picture, conveniently behind the tree. Laura, Brady, and I went on the coaster several times. All the while trying to persuade Nina to join us. (Thanks Atlantis)

Next up: Catalina Island - A weekend just for me and Laura.


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