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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blog Changes

I've decided to make some changes to my blog. Recently I've been thinking about my blog and how it's been about six months since I threw it together. The whole thing started thanks to Bean. I didn't want to be "anonymous" when I left a comment on his blog, so I set up a blog of my own. But what to call it . . .

At first it was going to be dedicated to the Dirty Old Men Desert Riders club, but I quickly realized there's not enough material to dedicate a blog to it. Also, there's not enough interest - even by other club members. Laura and I tried three years ago when we became the D.O.M. club King & Queen to distribute the newsletter via e-mail. We quickly found out that most of the members were not very computer literate. Most had basic e-mail service, but the majority of them couldn't open an attachment, i.e., the newsletter on a Word document. So we quickly backpedaled to paper and snail mail.

Since my blog has mostly become a diary of my family events with pictures and comments, I thought I would just include that in the description area. Oh I'll still post things about the club, but I can see that the D.O.M. posts will only make up a small percentage of the total. Besides, this is my hobby and I'll do it how I want to. So there!

I've changed my profile picture to one of me and Laura (see above). However, I've changed my settings so that when I leave a comment on someone else's blog I won't drop that image. At least that's what I think I've arranged. I guess I'll find out when I leave a comment. Alright, enough for now. "See" you next post.

Addendum - I can only change my settings to show (or not show) profile pictures on my blog. I can't control my profile picture from appearing (or not appearing) on other people's blogs.


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