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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Laura

This is Laura's birthday weekend, and we've been celebrating since Friday (her actual birthday). It's Sunday evening now, and Laura just got back from Target with the pictures. This one is from dinner last night at the Cheesecake Factory:

Laura and I went to the Cheesecake Factory last year too, but it was just the two of us. This year Laura invited her parents (Tina and Ed), her sister Sara and Sara's boyfriend, Don, and a few friends from Nina's cheerleading squad. No not the little girls that Laura coaches - their moms. Here's Laura with Sara and Don. Sara and Don were pictured together on an earlier post of mine that covered Don's 50th birthday.

Laura's birthday celebration actually began on Friday the 6th. We had lunch plans, but I surprised her by showing up at her work with a dozen red roses. I then took her to lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant - Senor Campos. Later on after both of us returned from work, I gave Laura her present(s). A silver bracelet and a silver ring from Nordstrom. She loved them! You can see them in the picture above.

Later on Friday night we had to attend a social event for the La Habra Lions Football and Cheer. Laura is a coach for the cheerleading squad that our daughter Nina is on (Flag White). This event was a lot of fun - it was catered by Lascari's (one of our favorite Italian restaurants), and there were raffle prizes, centerpiece drawings, and an open bar! The best thing was the DJ. Laura had a great time dancing, and we were in the company of some of the parents of Laura's cheerleading squad. Laura was surprised when the DJ had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

After the banquet we went to Bar 330 in Brea. Laura continued dancing. I think she could have danced all night, but closing time came around and we had to leave. The next day at the football game was rough. More so for Laura than me, but all of us who were there the night before made it to the game. The girls cheered great, but the boys lost the game. Oh well, it's only flag football. After the game, everyone sang "Happy Birthday". This time 4 people were honored: 3 of the boys and Laura. Sorry - we didn't take the camera with us to the social, so there are no pictures to share of that event or of Bar 330.

That evening we went to Cheesecake Factory, this time with camera in tow. Here's Laura with Tanya and her boyfriend, Nathan. Tanya is the coach for the other cheerleading squad of same-aged girls as Nina (Flag Blue).

Here's Laura with two other cheer moms - Jessica & Teri:

Jessica's parents, Bob and Liz joined us too:

Laura really enjoyed her birthday. I had a great time too. I love you Honey-Bunny! Happy Birthday!


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