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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Diana

As I mentioned in my last post I will be acknowledging my family (and friends) on their birthdays by giving them a shout-out post of their own. Today is Diana's day.

Diana is my older sister, and I don't think I've adequately mentioned her on this blog before. What I mean by that is that I've mentioned her, but because of where she lives, she's absent from the various family gatherings described in previous posts. Absent in person, never in spirit. Diana lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Scott, and their two kids - Anna and Henry.

Here are a few fun facts about Diana:

  • She was the first of my immediate family members to work at Disneyland
  • She was the first one of us four siblings to graduate college and get married - in that order
  • She was the first of my sisters to meet her spouse at Disneyland (note: she was not the only one to meet a spouse at work; all four of us did)
  • Us three younger siblings followed Diana's footsteps in various ways over the years: We all joined band in High School; we all went to Cerritos College first, then graduated from CSULB; we all got married in the same church
  • Diana remains the only sibling to move out of state
  • Diana remains the sibling who has traveled the most and the furthest

I miss seeing Diana on a regular basis. Diana, Scott, and the kids visit our mom and Scott's mom every Christmas. So in a couple of weeks we will all be together to enjoy each other's company. Until then, happy birthday from your favorite brother. Love, Danny.



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