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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not a Saturday Morning Post

Hi there. I'm here today to express some frustration. As I wrote on my Facebook status: "I'm still upset about last night's dinner. (details published elsewhere)." This blog is my 'elsewhere'. So what am I so upset about? The price. Let me give you the whole story . . .

Yesterday, as I do nearly every Saturday, I was working my ass off in the backyard. I started by cleaning the swimming pool. Our pool is currently empty, and is in need of serious cleaning before we fill it with water for this summer's fun and enjoyment. I've done this routine before - the serious spring cleaning that is necessary after the pool has been sitting empty since the previous fall. The only thing I've done over the past several months is drain the rain water that accumulates.

I have to balance multiple duties each weekend. The reason is, if I only do one thing - something else equally as important will not get done. So I take a break from pool prep duty and switch to yard work. I tried to finish the hedge that I started last Saturday. I'm still working on one of the taller portions of the hedge, which means a lot of climbing up and down on my ladder carrying the trimmer. I get done with this section of the hedge, and realize that I have to start watering. We only have sprinklers for the lawn in the backyard, so all other watering must be done by hand.

About an hour later, I'm done with what I can do for the day, and my wife asks if we can go to Taco Nazo. Taco Nazo is a Mexican fast food restaurant. I'm agreeable to this since (a.) I'm hungry and tired, and (b) Laura is in no mood to cook dinner. (Here's a secret that I've never shared: Laura is NEVER in the mood to cook dinner).

So off to Taco Nazo we went. They have a dine-in area, but there is no waiter service. You place your order at the window, find a booth or table to sit at, and wait for your number to be called. Then you eat. Laura ordered two shrimp tacos and an order of ceviche. Ceviche is some concoction of shrimp and vegetables served in a cup that you scoop on to a tostada shell. I ordered a carnitas burrito. Each of us order a soft drink. The bill comes to $41. FORTY-ONE EFFEN DOLLARS!! FOR WHAT?? Of course I didn't yell that, but I did ask about the price. That's when Laura tells me her ceviche is $24.99.

I hardly spoke a word throughout dinner. And was generally [more] grumpy [than usual] the rest of the evening. I was still upset when I woke up this morning to get ready for church. That's when I decided the only way to get over this was to let it out for all the world to read. If I put this on Facebook, I knew Laura would be even more upset with me than I was about dinner. Besides, this is too wordy for Facebook. This way I can write as much as I want, and I will not embarrass her. (Laura is very sensitive of what I write on Facebook if it's anything negative). So that's it. I've vented and I feel [marginally] better. Thanks for letting me share another example of Laura overspending.


  • At June 13, 2010 4:20 PM, Blogger sage said…

    My lips are sealed... :)

  • At June 14, 2010 1:25 PM, Blogger R. Sherman said…

    That's one heckuva ceviche. For 25$, there'd better be a full Maine lobster in it.

    Actually, on a serious note, don't let another sun go down on your anger. Life's too short, and pregnant women do surprisingly goofy things.



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