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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Saturday Morning Post - February

I thought I should post something before Blogger drops my account. I guess I should check my account more often. I've received no less than a dozen comments on various posts going all the back to 2007. No thanks, I'll pass on the bargain prices on the prescription drugs. I also don't care what you think of my posts, as described in your broken English. I probably should have checked my own personal e-mail account since February 3 (that's the last time I actually checked it). 300 + junk e-mails later, I found the notifications from Blogger that I had comments. Now that I've deleted all those bogus comments, and turned on comment moderation - I can begin my Saturday chores.

In a few weeks we will know the gender of the baby. Laura is doing well. No morning sickness. No strange cravings at odd hours.

See you next time . . .